Thursday, February 27, 2020

International Marketing Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

International Marketing Plan - Research Paper Example Thus an ice-cream brand for high-income consumers seems apparently senseless. The other two variables left would be benefits sought and age group. The target market for this ice-cream is adults above 30 who have children. This means this market indirectly targets the bulk of the population as the thirty year olds are likely to pass on the ice-cream to their children and to adults in the house The kind of marketing segmentation strategy that will be used would be undifferentiated market segmentation strategy. Undifferentiated marketing strategy is one in which the company ignores all the segments in the market and appeals to the market with a single basic product. While a focus market could be defined for instance premium ice-cream, but that won’t be wise at this stage as this is not a known company and is just a startup. It will confine the analysis and will restrict us from selling to all price-categories. (Kotler, 2008) Qs 2: Competitive Analysis In Argentina most ice-cream parlors are opting for 250g pots today. Instead of sharing a 1 kg pot, consumers tend to opt for their preferred choice. Nestle had for long been the market leader in ice-cream in Argentina. Its retail value share stood at 15% as of 2009.Nestle’s huge distribution network has been the primary reason behind its success and it continues to attract significant brand loyalty. The two primary competitors that we will face would be in Buenos Aries – Grido Helado and Un Altra Volta. Grido Helado offers a wide range of flavors of ice cream from Vanilla to Flan to pine-apple ice-cream. The company currently has 9 stores operating in Buenos Aires and that’s where we will be marketing too. Their ice-cream is pretty moderately priced. We will also be facing stiff competition from Freddo. Their brand is cheaply priced and their cheapest ice-cream is available at 6 USD. The competition in the market is intense and tough. The ice cream market in Argentina is definitely competi tive and lustrous. Not only are the Argentine people known for their excellent high grade beef and wine but they are also renowned for their delicious ice cream and gelato products available. Price is also a threat that Dipping Dots might face after the craze has drown from the initial grand openings. Ice cream in Buenos Aires ranges from $1 to $4.5 in exclusive ice cream shops. The medium price for Dipping Dots ice cream is between $3.50 for a small dish. This might be a barrier for low income folks in Buenos Aires. Another threat they might face might entail with copy cats later on, since the product is so unique there is also not a particular patent preventing anyone else from copying the distinguished ice cream dots it is so famous for taking away its truly unique quality. Qs 3 Marketing Objectives: To slowly and gradually build the market share to 10% at least towards the end of the second year. Create awareness about Dipping dots by conducting low-cost promotional activities. Since our target audience comprises of thirty plus adults of who use internet as a medium of communication, information, etc, we are creating awareness for our product by placing ads on free classifieds sites, by making commercials and placing them on free video submission site. Moreover, social networks such as Facebook and twitter are used to spread the message across. Capitalize on the opportunities available in Argentina and churn out varied flavors of the ice-cream

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