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Would Businesses Gain Competitive Advantage If Dss, Gdss?

Explain how businesses can benefit from each technology. i. Autonomic computing The computer system have self-management capabilities. An autonomic computing system must include the following features: monitoring, analysis, planning, implementation, and Knowledge Base, and several parts constitute a circulatory system. They need to constantly run and perfect. The goal of autonomic computing can automatically manage itself and maintain its reliability. It is able to work autonomously intelligent middleware. Some of data no need to save it and that only need to be monitored it.Because the data gave the network a big load. So autonomic computing can be handle it. Growing the number of users and connected devices. Business need more equipment and maintenance personnel it. Autonomic computing system can help company solves problem. The responsiveness and flexibility of the system can handle the unpredictable things. It has self-management, self-healing and adaptive functionality, the comp any does not have to hire a lot of staff to monitor the system. ii. Virtualization Virtualization is a subset of the process performance logical group, or computer resources.User can use a better way than the original configuration to access these processes. New virtual part of these resources is limited erected from existing resources. eg, geographical or physical configuration. Generally within the meaning of virtualized resources include computing power and data storage. Server virtualization software technology refers to the use of the substance of the host hardware or operating system of the end-user hidden, and set one or more abstract hardware platform. The hardware platform is flexibility configuration for the operating system.Such like the face of a real hardware. As a result, a variety of different operating environments (eg, Windows, Linux, etc. ) can operate simultaneously on the same physical host, but its independence as the operation of the general in a different phys ical host. iii. Green computing â€Å"Green computing† refers specifically to people's efforts to reduce the use of information technology hardware energy consumption. Many energy generation still relies on coal and oil, and process a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. his reducing energy consumption, also known to reduce carbon emissions. From power management can save a lot of energy expenditure. The power management of energy-saving measures include computer shutdown when not shorten the computer into hibernation, turn off the screen saver, the machine is set to low-power sleep mode, and the total power off when work. (eg. E-mail can reduces paper-consuming. ) Energy-saving mode of the computer in order to reduce the company's electricity costs. Define an enterprise resources planning (ERP) system.How do ERP systems help businesses achieve operational excellence? Applications of enterprise manufacturing, financial, marketing and other related funct ions to achieve a balance. Internally, it is the integration of the corporate body of diverse resources to achieve the effective application of organizational resources through optimal planning and allocation system. Externally, through the network and system can do the combination of main customers and partners to form a horizontal or vertical integration of the global competitiveness of the virtual enterprise entity.ERP is major of contribution about strategic management for the enterprise. Today, only the information technology in the pursuit of flexible production, rapid assembly, rapid delivery and product life cycles continue to shorten trend. The combination of the information and corporate resources. Making the right decisions at the crucial moment, satisfied the customer needs or wants in a timely manner. It was able to grasp the market opportunities. ERP plus e-commerce applications and ERP combined with the concept of supply chain management. This extending to the entire internal supply chain.ERP system is the information system of the enterprise marketing, finance, personnel, general affairs and production operations to be effectively integrated to enhance the operational efficiency of enterprises. Nowadays. The speed and intensity of today's global industrial competition, general MIS system is already unable to meet the actual needs of the enterprise, For example: you can not immediately grasp the supplier of production information and customer sales situations, resulting in insufficient or excess production, or the failure to satisfy orders in a timely manner, resulting in the loss of business opportunities.So ERP enterprises to take advantage of supply, production, sales and other information to achieve the ultimate goal. Would businesses gain competitive advantage if DSS, GDSS, and ESS are widely used? DSS is not an endorsement, it is to solve the practical problems of organizations and businesses. If you make a decision-making, it must be base d on a â€Å"standard†. For the human nature, They like to use subjective judgement to make a decision. tend to use subjective, intuitive standard, and not necessarily have a scientific, informative standard. GDSS have independent of time and space limitations.Decision makers can easily to exchange information with each other and share information to reduce the one-sidedness. Decision-makers can overcome the negative psychological impact, unreservedly to express their views. Stimulated the thinking of policy-makers make the problem of the program is as perfect as possible. Prevents small collectivism and personality of the decision-making results. It can improve the satisfaction and confidence of the decision-making groups, members of the decision-making results. The greater of the effect is more significant if the group is bigger.In this society, competitiveness is increasing and it depends on the best of decision making. So that any of companies often believe their own hist ory and their former transactions and activities to make decisions. When the business make decisions, That is usually to use a decision-support system and firm-wide data. These systems can automate certain decision procedures. They can submit information for different appearance of the decision situation. They can help managers existing decision procedures. It can valuable to explore the consequence of alternative organizational scenarios.Using GDSS can ameliorate how groups make decisions and ameliorate the decision which have been made by an independent people. On the other hand, these systems don't automatically lead to make better decisions unless the decision problem or the situation is easy to understood and the systems are advisably designed. Read the article on the next page, then answer the following questions. A. Assess the organization and technology issues for using social media to engage with customers. The marketing power of social media is growing, it is no longer mak es sense to consider. t carry advantage of social media's own ability to involve with customers organized in three clusters in the exhibit. Efforts to use social media to tips and an active response program to engage with people. Company through the social media can be a pass a message for people. Create word-of-mouth and It can be one- by- one to attract social group. B. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media for advertising, brand building, market research, and customer services? Advantages Social media to enhance product quality. Consumers can comment and criticize the product. So that products must have excellent quality.If the product quality is poor , The manufacturers will be exposed and ultimately fail. This is why good products are often less funds invested in traditional marketing reason. The existence of social media makes good products to get their own users and fans follow them. Social media to follow the rules the secondary sale principle simil ar to the media, by user popularity uplift brand and reputation. Thought the impact and social reputation is increasing the impact and social reputation of the brand. Market research that means product sales in order to improve the quality of decision-making.The advantage is mainly to improve research efficiency and saving cost of the investigation, survey data processing. unlimited to the restrictions of geographic area. But the online market research can not be easily can be achieved. Disadvantages Social media weak control brand image. It makes many business to the high degree of freedom for the masses to participate into the development of the multi-surface radioactive. In internet, both good and bad. If it is good, it will clearly more conducive to business. If it is bad, it is caused by a viral divergence will bring very serious consequences.Employees using social media at work that might bring a lot of uncertain risk. For example, social networking sites are not regular, carr y the virus and malicious software. In social media, all employees of the business will replace the company's image. However, once a staff encountered a problem not their work area. And this does not know or the payable answer and it will bring a negative impression to the company. C. Should all companies use Facebook and Twitter for customer service and advertising? Why or why not? What kinds of companies are best suited to use these platforms? No, the data of FACEBOOK have many users.But it does not mean that 60% of users can see the ads. FACEBOOK can be turned off Some features about blocked advertising. And high exposure that customers hate it. Because I was one example of this kind of audience. Highly visibility does not mean high click-through rate. Internet users for online channels that provide customer service to high value, these channels including social media and instant communication. Retail companies This type of company is more emphasis on the sales performance of dis tributors and individuals. They do not attach importance to the organization and leadership structure.

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